In the Eye of the Beholder


Story & Art: Felix Pestemer

Translation from German by Marion Clay


Deutsche Version hier erhältlich.


Veröffentlichung: Mai 2019

Buch: 104 Seiten, vierfarbig, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-96445-021-0

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Paula and her brother Remo visit the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin with their grandfather. A cross-generational dialogue arises on their different interpretations of the works of art.

With numerous anecdotes, the genesis of works by realists and romantics, from Schadow and Schinkel to Caspar David Friedrich, to Böcklin and Menzel, is related from different perspectives. The vivid imagination of the grandchildren and their unconventional opinions animate the museum visit and arouse interest for the "real" history of the pictures.


Including an extensive glossary on the history of Prussia, Berlin, and 19th century art.

Von Felix Pestemer

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